• Values

  • CSDA is dedicated to educating their “dance family” with the technical aspect of the art of dance by stressing the fundamentals of self-discipline that leads to self-confidence. Center Stage has and will continue to train dancers to transition into the professional world along with giving them the opportunity to have the knowledge to continue the passion through teaching. However CSDA understands that not all students strive to become professional dancers. Because of this we offer a fun stress-free approach to elevating our students as both dancers and confident kids by emphasizing the following:

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    We enthusiastically believe that hard work trumps talent and that kindness transforms the world. We teach success can only be achieved by becoming comfortable with failing for a child can only fail if they quit trying.

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    We believe confidence is of foremost importance to all kids. Dancers must learn to believe in themselves first for others to believe in them later.

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    We teach and reinforce respect in all forms: for their families that sacrifices time and money; for their teachers and professionals that teach them their philosophies; for their friends and fellow dances who give themselves permission to be vulnerable and grow.

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    CSDA is committed to teaching the passion of dance along with loving their dancers. It is a true gift to apart of so many special people lives.

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    and FUN

    Grinning from EAR to EAR.

    People will not always remember what you said but they will always remember how you made them feel.