• Green Jackets

  • How to Earn a Green Jacket

    Anyone can be EXCEL dancer. There are no auditions or restrictions. But you must meet the following criteria:

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    Be a Good Person

    To wear that green jacket you need to first be respectful, understanding, courageous, kind and love to dance. We do not expect all Excel dancers to be professional or move into a college program after graduation. But we expect them all to be good people

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    Be a Good Teammate

    We want all of our students to learn what it is to be a team or what we call it - "a family." To strive to do as well for the person next to them as they do for themselves. To be patient with others. And to give back as least as much that has been given to them.

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    Do Good Hard Work

    We believe hard work trumps talent. Period. Our dancers might not be the best in the room (that's out of their control), but they will be the most prepared. That is in their control. EXCEL is committed to teaching passion plus dedication equals success in dancing (and life).

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    Be Goal Orientated

    We train our Excel dancers how to make it to the next level in dance - and many have. But in reality most dancers join our program to part of something special. And we expect them to bring the same determination, dedication, understanding, and motivation it takes to reach their dance goals so they can reach their individual life goals for their future.